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Disruptive Sounds Experiments

As I’ve almost finished working on the visuals, I’m now experimenting with the audio. A challenging and daunting task ahead of me. After editing and assembling a few selected animated sequences, I tried to imagine the audio first while analyzing … Continue reading

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Public Information Film: Persuasive Narratives (part 1)

Public Information Film Experiments Back to work on the blog and hopefully I can kick-start some momentum again now that all the mayhem has quietened down over here.  Yesterday was spent looking back at clips of footage I had taken … Continue reading

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UWE: Sound Projects (1995)

Since the sound workshops earlier this year, I’ve been experimenting a lot with sound as I feel the medium will feature prominently in my project. Yesterday, I edited the sound play, Torment was made in the Media Centre at The University … Continue reading

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Sound Design: Confrontation 2

Continuing with ambient sound experimentation, last week  I recorded a policeman interrogating a women outside the local library. Due to very blustery weather conditions that day, the original recording wasn’t clear which made it difficult to decipher most of the … Continue reading

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Sound Design: Confrontation 1

Last Saturday morning, just by sheer chance, I was able to record a  confrontational conversation between a bookshop assistant and a customer in London.  While I was browsing through a few books in the TV/Film area, I noticed a man … Continue reading

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Sound Workshop (Part 2)

Yesterday we had sound workshop (part 2) with the Dr. Due to work commitments, it was not possible for me to go to London that morning. However, I was able to participate in the Skype chat session. Earlier that morning … Continue reading

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