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Cyclogeography 5: Somewhere in Asia

When I was younger I used to watch re-runs of the stylish 60s TV cop series The Man From Uncle. Still like watching them now. Occasionally, a pre-sequence of an episode would typically begin with someone pursing someone with deadly … Continue reading

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Cyclogeography 4: Spinning Tins & Rusty Ruins

Mikajima, Saitama, Japan I cycled through and around Mikajima one ferociously, hot afternoon early this month. Mikajima is a very rural area of Tokorozawa-shi , Saitama in Japan. In the middle of nowhere I felt, surrounded by fields, farms, orchards, … Continue reading

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Cyclogeography 3:Tokyo to Saitama Drift

Drift Starting & Ending Points: Narita Higashi (Suginami-ku, Tokyo) -Nishi Sayamagaoka-Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama)  Distance (approx) 20 miles/33 kilometres An unusually bigger drift than normal. In fact, the starting and ending points are where I used to live to where I live … Continue reading

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Cyclogeography 2: Sumigawa River Drift

Drift Starting & Ending Points: Nishi Sayamagaoka- Oume (Hatanaka) Distance (approx) 12 miles/19.3 kilometres Following on from my first cyclogeography post back in November last year, a drift earlier this month took me around my new surroundings in Saitama prefecture  . … Continue reading

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