Collage Graphic Interchange Formats (part 1)

As I’ve almost finished rendering and editing the 11 sequences, recently, I’ve been considering aspects such as scale, shape and animation millisecond speed.  By creating graphic interchange formats, commonly known as gifs, the visual appearance changes dramatically, especially with circular screens. Also, I’ve learned that animated sequences which involve rapid movement, suit more millisecond speed as opposed to sequences with less movement. (note: the higher the millisecond speed, the slower the movement). The visual appearance intensifies when collaged, though grouped imagery appearing too theatrical would be a concern as it would conflict with the persuasive message carried in the narration. Anyway, on a cheerful note, my daughter seems over the moon in her animated state….naturally!


Fig 1: Sequences 1, 2 & 3


Fig: 2 Sequences 1, 2 & 3



Fig: 3 Sequence 4

S4S4Imgflip 15 millisecondswww.GIFCreator.me_GSyKux



Fig: 4 Sequence 4









Public Information Film Project: Sequences Nos 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

As I’m about half way with the drawings of my current project, I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the effects which are used when rendering each drawing. This is an area I neglected in my last project which created problems. As you can see, there are subtle differences in each sequence. However, if you compare these drawings  to the last animation (Alienation & Conformity), I’m being a bit more conservative in my approach when editing the drawings. Preferably , I’d like more continuity as the context will focus predominantly on the message as opposed to the visuals. That’s not to say I don’t want the visuals to stand out, just not to become too much of a distraction. Don’t worry, this post will all make sense eventually!


Frame 11 Frame 1

Unedited     Edited: resize (width: 5296 height: 2979),focal zoom,                                                                  texture(materials)



Frame 47    Frame 47.jpg      Unedited                                                  Edited: resize, focal zoom, texture(fabrics)



711 Frame 71

Unedited                                           Edited: resize,focal zoom, posterize, rainbow



97 1 Frame 97

Unedited                                             Edited: resize, focal zoom, posterize, rainbow



1211 Frame 121

Unedited                          Edited: resize, weaver(hardlight), focal zoom, rainbow

Below are sequences 1-4. Each sequence has been played 2/3 in succession which gives me some idea whether or not I will loop particular sequences







Alienation & Conformity Tests 1 & 2

Over the past few months I’ve been working on an animated film I made in Tokyo which examines conformity and a fear which I felt when living abroad for the first time, alienation. The film footage is shot on an over ground train carriage in the Tokyo. Panning 180 degrees, right to left conveys an arc of life. The pan is a comment on emotions and anxieties endured by myself over a period of time.

Alienation & Conformity Test 1

Alienation & Conformity Test 2

Alienation & Conformity Test 2


However, after a few tests, I felt  to comprehensively project this concept, I decided to continue the sequence and pan an extra 180 degrees, the pan returning to the starting point.

Alienation & Conformity Test 1

Also, I’m experimenting with the relationship between live action and animation which I’m pursuing more and more in my work recently simply because I find the relationship visually engaging.  Frames 94  &  146

Tamagawa Train Pan 146

The silhouetted passengers all matching with similar characteristics and behaviour. A feeling of trepidation, being watched, analysed scrutinized. Time, like the pan, moves jerkily along until the passengers become clearly visible, the tension diminishes, the atmosphere less threatening.  Frames 225 & 305

Tamagawa Train Pan 225 Tamagawa Train Pan 305

To capture more atmosphere and mood, each frame has been rendered and textured. When projected continuously, the moving image radiates an assortment of dynamic characteristics. I had been researching artists that primarily employ composites in their work and how dramatically the visual alters as a result.

Frames 20, 90, 184 & 216



I’ve not quite completed the rendering and texturing though hope to premiere the animation on Tuesday. The audio will be completed later this year.