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Disruptive Sounds Experiments

As I’ve almost finished working on the visuals, I’m now experimenting with the audio. A challenging and daunting task ahead of me. After editing and assembling a few selected animated sequences, I tried to imagine the audio first while analyzing … Continue reading

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Experimentation-Adobe After Effects: Pop Shapes & Exploding Electric

When reading back through an old blog post the other day, it mentioned something about experimenting with unfamiliar software and not to stick in the safe zone. Well, I’ve been using Adobe Premier though panning and zooming is hardly pushing … Continue reading

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Public Information Film: Persuasive Narratives (part 1)

Public Information Film Experiments Back to work on the blog and hopefully I can kick-start some momentum again now that all the mayhem has quietened down over here.  Yesterday was spent looking back at clips of footage I had taken … Continue reading

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Sound Workshop & Experiments

Yesterday morning we were given a sound workshop by Dr Ed Kelly. First, he addressed  some sound theory and after, we engaged in sound practice using sound material from the Camberwell Audio recordings in the sound application Audacity. For me, … Continue reading

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