Rotoscope Animations

In the past few years I’ve been working with Adobe Professional software creating animations (roughly 10-20 seconds in duration) using the rotoscoping (drawing on film) tool. As I posted on a previous blog, I have always been interested in aspects of Expressionist Art. For each animation I created, I have included an expressionistic element. For example, the look on someone’s face, an exaggerated walk, someone emotionally playing a piano, using vibrant colours and focusing on light and shadow. For one of the animations I thought about iconography in the form of popular culture. I chose a 20 second film clip from a famous 60s film. The footage oozes 60s style, there is tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo in the dialogue and photographic stills of the characters look Pop Art by appearance. Before the animation process, first I considered the background; I chose solid colours (blacks, greys, pinks) and gradients (red, blue, silver). As I didn’t have a lot of definition for the background objects, I improvised and made each object geometrical and unobtrusive in shape. The characters were exaggerated with features such as bright red lips, heavy eye-liner, lacquered hairstyles etc. Otto Dix’s Sylvia Von Harden (1926) was a reference. However, after the characters had been drawn and coloured, it resulted in a very comic strip look, evoking Roy Lichtenstein’s early Pop Art 60s work. When converting the Flash animation to Mp4 format, I found that using a compression rate which was incompatible for the Flash file, then radically changed the appearance of the animation. I began experimenting with this process and as a result, I was able to create some visually remarkable digital effects and images.

I must be dreaming (Honor) 2014


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