The Making of Disruptive Technologies (2017)

Based on 1970s British Public Information Films, the project explores the disruptive side of technology. The focus began analysing how devices interrupt our concentration when reading. However, through experiments and research, the project’s trajectory shifted to disruptions in urban environments. The city ambient sounds were recorded were while traveling from Tokyo to London. The soundscape depicts the daily bombardment of white noise city dwellers endure daily in the form of white noise, notifications, sirens, self-service machines and automated voices. Visceral voices that breathe invisibly within the city. The animated visual narrative follows a series of chaotic and fragmented forms. The following video documents the entire process from start to finish which began in 2015.

The Tokyo Underground: Project Presentation (June 2015)

My last project (Don’t Have Nightmares 0.2: The Tokyo Underground) was to be shown earlier this month to my peers. However, and unfortunately, due to time limitations, the project didn’t get a critique (gutted!).

Final Reflections: To be honest, I don’t think it’s an accurate representation of the project, the main aim was to capture the fear in confined spaces on the Underground but filming was so problematic at times, I ditched a lot of footage. In hindsight, I should have documented more of the downs as opposed to ups on my blog. However, I’m pleased with the animation. I had little idea as to the end result. That’s the beauty of working with the medium.  Tales of the Unexpected!

Sound: I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with the audio, using train ambient, crackling fire wood and buzzing insects in Audacity. Not great results due to my technical ability but I’ve assembled the audio to how I would like it.

PART ONE  Duration: 3.00 (with voice-over) 

The Tokyo Undeground: Don't Have Nightmares 0.2 (Part One)


PART TWO Duration: 2.07 (with voice-over)

The Tokyo Underground: Don't Have Nightmares 0.2 (Part Two)




Alienation & Conformity Collage (2015)

Alienation & Conformity 1-25.jpgAlienation & Conformity 26-50.jpg