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The Sussex Open and Rejection

After I had received the rejection letter from The Towner Gallery for the Sussex Open exhibition the other day, rather than feel disappointed at ‘another’ rejection, I thought about writing something based on the context which is in fact, half … Continue reading

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Reflections on Unit 2 Symposium Talk

Like for many of us that morning and afternoon or evening as it was for me last week, I imagined there would be a feeling of anxiety in the air as we waited our turn in a marathon six-hour symposium. … Continue reading

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May 2017 Activity Summary

The final term for the MA course began a few weeks ago. The Skype chat involved discussing the planning for MA summer show. I’m doing my best my best to get excited about the summer show yet it’s painfully disappointing … Continue reading

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Unit Two Symposium Talk

Unit 2 Symposium Talk, June 2017 (shortened version, 5 mins)         Unit 2 Symposium Talk, June 2017 (longs version)      Disruptive Technologies (2017) 

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In this extract from The Secrets of Drawing: All in the Mind (episode 3)  Art critic, Andrew Graham-Dixon touches briefly on  underdrawing . Using drawing as my main tool and central in my process, I found this extract of the series … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technologies: Layering & Augmentation

From Symposium Talk transcript During that pressure period in the art making process, I was analysing our relationship with device engagement or life support machines as I refer to them. Observations in urban environments, city streets, cafes, public transport, restaurants, … Continue reading

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Unit 2 Assessment

A requirement for the MA Fine Art Digital course involves participants to provide notes and links to all the assessment evidence required (note: in order to see the progrssion of the project, I’ve tried to make links ordered in chronological … Continue reading

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April 2017 Activity Summary

I’m suffering with watery, stinging eyes as well as constantly sneezing (something I rarely do!) since I’ve been back. I think this old sketch, Welcome to March, sums up my current condition. By the way, the person pictured isn’t a … Continue reading

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Japanese Comics-Manga

In a previous post, My Beautiful Laundrette , I made comments on Japanese laundrettes with comparisons to ones in the UK. England. As with most interiors which require a waiting action, there is plenty of literature to keep one occupied, which … Continue reading

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Experimenting: Time-lapse

Back in Japan now and a little earlier than usual. Like in the UK, it’s been quite hot these past few days and the cherry blossom season has almost ended.  A few days ago I headed to Zushi beach. During the … Continue reading

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