Disruptive Technologies (2017)

‘Based on 1970s British Public Information Films, the project explores the disruptive side of technology. The focus began analysing how devices interrupt our concentration when reading. However, through experiments and research, the project’s trajectory shifted to disruptions in urban environments. The city ambient sounds were recorded were while traveling from Tokyo to London. The soundscape depicts the daily bombardment of white noise city dwellers endure daily in the form of notifications, sirens, self-service machines and automated voices. Visceral voices that breathe invisibly within the city. The animated visual narrative follows a series of chaotic and fragmented forms. 


Disruptive Technologies (2017)



Project References:

MA Fine Art Digital Summer Show 2017 Walk Through Discussion

The Making of Disruptive Technologies (2017)

Disruptive Technologies: Layering & Augmentation

Disruptive Technologies: Self-reflexivity & Black & White Aesthetics

Disruptive Technologies: Stand Clear of the Doors!

Disruptive Technologies: Motion Tweens (Featuring Sequence 5)

Disruptive Technologies: SMS Alerts (test)/Soundscape Notes

Disruptive Technologies Montage

Disruptive Technologies: Testing, Sound & Visuals

Disruptive Technologies: Sequencing

Disruptive Sounds Experiments

Contextual Research:

Synthetic or human? The changing voices behind transport announcements

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