Disruptive Technologies (2017)

The project explores the disruptive side of technology with its focus particularly in urban environments.  The animated visual narrative conveys a series of chaotic and fragmented forms and the London and Tokyo soundscape is a comment on the daily bombardment of white noise in the form of notifications, sirens, self-service machines and automated voices. The visceral voices that breathe invisibly within the city.  


Disruptive Technologies (2017)



Project References:

MA Fine Art Digital Summer Show 2017 Walk Through Discussion

The Making of Disruptive Technologies (2017)

Disruptive Technologies: Layering & Augmentation

Disruptive Technologies: Self-reflexivity & Black & White Aesthetics

Disruptive Technologies: Stand Clear of the Doors!

Disruptive Technologies: Motion Tweens (Featuring Sequence 5)

Disruptive Technologies: SMS Alerts (test)/Soundscape Notes

Disruptive Technologies Montage

Disruptive Technologies: Testing, Sound & Visuals

Disruptive Technologies: Sequencing

Disruptive Sounds Experiments

Contextual Research:

Synthetic or human? The changing voices behind transport announcements

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