Don’t Have Nightmares 0.2: Alienation & Conformity (2015)

Don't Have Nightmares 0.2 Alienation & Conformity (2015) MP4


Project References:

‘Cicadas, Crackling and Popping Wet Wood and Lost Laughter in the Breeze’

Alienation & Conformity Tests 1 & 2

The Tokyo Underground: Project Presentation

The Tokyo Underground: Emerging From The Underground Experiments

The Tokyo Undergound: The Moving (experiment 3)

The Tokyo Underground: The Commuter Rapid (experiment 2)

The Tokyo Underground: The Still & The Moving (experiment 1)

The Tokyo Gas Attack & Objects of Disobedience (for the wrong reasons)

The Tokyo Underground: Drawings, Notes & Nostalgia from the Underground

The Tokyo Underground: Preparatory Notes

Contextual Research:

The Art of Dinky: Shop Fronts Tokyo (Shinjuku & Koenji)

Fuchu no Mori Park-Tokyo


The Golden Gai-Shinjuku

Nobody Tokyo

Recruit Rhapsody (2012) – Maho Yoshida

Sink (1999) – Satoshi Tomioka

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