June 2017 Activity Summary

This will be the final post on the MAFAD course and probably the least spectacular. Post 198 for the record.

It’s a pity that work largely overshadowed the final month but that was expected. Nevertheless, I definitely feel I have achieved a lot on the course particularly in the way of personal development. See Unit 2 Critical Evaluation  for further comment. This month’s highlight was on the first day of the month. The Unit Two Symposium Talk  , seems a long time ago now. Looking back, why was the symposium condensed in one afternoon???? A six-hour marathon. I think I faded after four hours and that was about midnight for me. If I were to make any amendments to the course, I would definitely rejig that area right away.

And finally, here’s a very short video with encouraging comments sent by Jonathan earlier this week showing my work installed for the MA Fine Art Digital Summer Show. Thank you for your support, Jonathan.




“It looks great and the overlay of sound from the 3 films work really well in the space. It gives constantly different visual and sound experiences due to the different lengths of the 3 films. The sound will also echo up the stairs drawing people down to the work”
Jonathan Kearney (2017)


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2 Responses to June 2017 Activity Summary

  1. anomiepete says:

    It’s been great sharing your journey Jason. I do hope you keep blogging your work as it always acts as a stimulus. Good luck. Pete


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