Reflections on Unit 2 Symposium Talk

Like for many of us that morning and afternoon or evening as it was for me last week, I imagined there would be a feeling of anxiety in the air as we waited our turn in a marathon six-hour symposium. I wasn’t wrong, well, for me anyway. The time had arrived to step up onto the stage and to show our peers a microcosm, in the form of a five-minute video, which in theory should encapsulate our practice over the past year. Here’s what the panel had to say about my practice (in italics), added with my own comments and replies to comments and questions. Comments begin from 6:10. Could anyone out there tell me what the first word said is at 6:10? Sounds like ‘awful’ !




Sharon: Is it still going to be a public information message?

Ed: Is that what you think?

Sharon: That’s what I’m asking

Ed: I’m not so sure it is, I think it’s deviated wildly from…Is it still going to be a public information film concept? So, just to repeat

Sharon: Because in the beginning he was saying about that warning, doing as a public information about boredom and the dangers of the internet, is it still that kind of direction it’s going?

Ed reads my Skyped comment

The project began with the intention of making a persuasive film which documents an Internet-related issue. However, through the process, the project resolved as being a, to be honest, a personal attack on over use of devices and lack of engagement. Viewpoints and research are a mixture of objective vs subjective. There was a danger that I would get too bogged with all the context and theory aspect of the project. The art-making and journey was the primary focus.

Ed: This has evolved definitely evolved quite a long way from…..

Jonathan reads Yi’s message

Yi: It’s hard to talk about distraction through a work that catches our attention. I like that comment, I didn’t notice the irony here! Good point.

Celine: (unable to hear her comments clearly…the amount of work , 450 images isn’t…….

Ed: He’s taken the mature decision of doing all the images (meaning: completing the animation) and saying ‘no’ basically and the work on the cacophony where it actually began to reflect on what I was talking about earlier ….theory as sound as colours …different soundbites and…..(describes particular soundbites) and if you start mixing it all together, they become not really a…..but cluttered, you can’t pick one thing out ,the whole malay (?) of sound , which I think he’s trying to do with the images as well, because the final things he comes up with are like Miroesque collages in a way

Some of the frames are then analysed

Sharon: A pop abstraction

Jonathan then reads another of my Skyped comments:

During the art making, the more deviations I was making in the rotoscoping process, the more I was giving myself a headache as to what would be finalized. Again, I was fretting too much about the ‘end product’. I suppose if that’s my usual way of working, a leopard doesn`t change its spots over night. It was texturing sequence 5, that I thought, ‘That’s it, finished’ but no, I wanted to keep pushing the boat out. You could also argue that had I experimented with more mediums, such as painting or sculpture, the project could have been dramatically different. For better or worse, does that matter?

I think here there was some ambiguity with Sequence 5. No, it wasn’t the still image which happened to be titled Number. Sequence 5


Sarah Scicluna: Will the work be moving image?  Yes, Sarah

David: The sound cacophony… its a journey…. not an information film…

That’s right, David. A journey from one environement to another, collecting sound disturbances along the way

Sarah R: Jason, I really enjoy the animations you made of your daughter trying to concentrate on her homework, it worked really well as a moving image study. With your fragmentations, these also became more and more mesmerizing. However, seeing stills from these and knowing your drawing abilities and enjoyment of sketching…have you thought about taking the stills into painting, drawing or physical studies?

Thanks, Sarah. Yes, the prospect of re-working the animation into graphite drawings would seriously be my cup of tea, pencil drawings, my chosen medium too. Though time was sadly not on my side as I knew I had to have pretty much everything done and dusted before I returned back to work here in Japan. Even though I said it is now a resolved body of work, which caused a stir (oddly), that’s not so say that I may do a few odd pencil drawings from this project.

Leonie: The starting point and the end seem worlds parts even though they say the same thing.

I was hoping that someone would notice that. Well observed, Leonie!



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  1. anomiepete says:

    I can’t make the word out but its definitely not “awful”

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