May 2017 Activity Summary

The final term for the MA course began a few weeks ago. The Skype chat involved discussing the planning for MA summer show. I’m doing my best my best to get excited about the summer show yet it’s painfully disappointing for me as I’m unable to attend. Thankfully I have someone who will curate my work. A big thank you to Terry.  Also, I’m going to take Sir Peter Mansell’s sound advice and hopefully show The Making of Disruptive Technologies.

Last week we were required to submit our requirements for the show. Here’s mine:


  • Exhibiting: One rotoscoped animation (MP4), played on a loop. Two digital prints on canvas (both are frames from the animation, 16 x 12”)
  • Equipment Needed: One very large (if possible) LCD monitor and a good set of Powered PA Speakers. I was thinking Behringer-Eurolive-B112D Speakers. If not, value Argos will do.
  • Space Preference: For the rotoscoped animation, preferably in a dark corner of an interior. Crucial Point! As the audio carries the weight of the animation, if possible, could there be no or little sound intrusion from videos/animations. I know it’s a big ask, but would be very grateful. As for the canvases, I don’t have any space preferences.
  • Thank you for your assistance


And now for something, a little more engaging for this post,  The Making of Disruptive Technologies Complete (2017)


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