Unit 2 Assessment

A requirement for the MA Fine Art Digital course involves participants to provide notes and links to all the assessment evidence required (note: in order to see the progrssion of the project, I’ve tried to make links ordered in chronological order).

Links regarding the following:

Tutorials, Exhibitions and Monthly Summaries etc, can be found as sub-headings on my blog homepage.


DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES PROJECT (formerly known as Public Information Film Project): Experiments, Drawings and Rotoscoping.

Storyboarding , The Drawing Process

Rotoscoping: Sequence 1 , Rotoscoping: Sequences 1-5 , Rotoscoping: Sequences 6 & 7

Rotoscoping: Sequence 8 , Rotoscoping: Sequences 9 & 10

Rotoscoping: Sequence 11 (and consultation) , Collage Graphic Interchange Formats Experiments

Rotoscoping: Colour Tests Sequences 1 & 10 , Adobe Premiere: Panning & Zooming

Persuasive Narratives (part 1) , Persuasive Narratives (part 2)

Project Discussion on Skype (September 2016) ,

Rotoscoping & Live action Tests , Rotoscoping & Motion Tween Tests: Sound & Visuals

Curating Sequential Narratives,  Motion Tween Animation: Sequence 5

Sequencing ,  Self-reflexivity & Black & White Aesthetics


Disruptive Sounds Experiments , Composing Soundscapes

Disruptive Technologies: SMS Alerts (test)/Soundscape Notes

Disruptive Technologies: Stand Clear of the Doors!


70s Public Informations Films

70s British Public Information Films: Broken Glass (1973)

70s British Public Information Films: Searching (1974)

70s British Public Information Films: Fatal Floor (1974)

Artists relative to contexual research 

Ashleigh Nankivell-Helping Johnny Remember , Evan Baden-Technically Intimate

Internet culture writers, lectures, radio programs & news articles

Persuasive Narratives: Steven Johnson

Contextual Research Notes: Mcluhan, Carr,Mangen,Doctorow, Bell

Digital Human: Series One

Will Self – Isolation, Solitude, Loneliness and the Composition of Long-Form Fiction

Synthetic or human? The changing voices behind transport announcements


Rotoscope: Montage (complete animation)

Rotoscope: As a motion tween (complete animation)

Rotoscope: Layering & Augmention (complete animation)


The following links are not project-related. However, I feel they are important in my development on the course . A side-project, ‘Cyclogeography’ explores Showa period (1926-1989) architecture in Tokyo and Saitama in Japan.

Cyclogeography 2: Sumigawa River Drift

Cyclogeography 3:Tokyo to Saitama Drift

Cyclogeography 4: Spinning Tins & Rusty Ruins

Cyclogeography 5: Somewhere in Asia

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