April 2017 Activity Summary

I’m suffering with watery, stinging eyes as well as constantly sneezing (something I rarely do!) since I’ve been back. I think this old sketch, Welcome to March, sums up my current condition. By the way, the person pictured isn’t a doctor, surgical masks are commonly worn by the Japanese in order to prevent catching germs. Strange but true!

Welcome to March (2003)


What’s been/is going on:

Well, Brian from Pixels 2 Canvas  will print two canvases I’m planning to exhibit for the Summer Show. I’ve decided on 12 x 16, as opposed to a 12 x 12 square format. We spent quite a bit of time discussing size and resolution in his studio before I left the UK. I’m so grateful for his suggestions.

Disruptive Technologies (No 3, 2017)

Disruptive Technologies 3 Rectangle (2017)


One of the MAFAD course members, Leonie is kindly organising a booklet for the MA  Summer Show. She received, and quite rightly, a big response and such enthusiasm from everyone on the course. I’m dead pleased about this too, just having a paper document will be a fantastic memory and also for the public, you never know who or where that document will end up. The more exposure, the better. Sadly though, I won’t be able to experience the event in the physical. Now I know how the French footballer, Laurent Blanc felt, he had to sit out the 1998 World Cup final! Se la vie

The Guardian published another article of mine last week, Maki’s Tempura Udon, British Style . I was really buzzing about that. However, I forgot to include Soy sauce in the ingredients which didn’t go down well with the Master Chef (Maki), and as a result, I got earache!         You             can’t                win                        them                         all





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