Experimenting: Time-lapse

Back in Japan now and a little earlier than usual. Like in the UK, it’s been quite hot these past few days and the cherry blossom season has almost ended.  A few days ago I headed to Zushi beach. During the afternoon, with a friend, we experimentied with a time-lapse photography. Haven’t done this for years! 

The videos were set at a very low frame rate, about two frames per second. The recordings duration were roughly 30-50 seconds. The play back is set at around 30/40 frames per second which speeds the film dramatically. I found myself having to remember the rule- the longer the recording, the fewer frames captured.

Keeping the camera still, I’m walking very slowly from left to right of shot. The play-back is around 30 frames per second. However, the video is about 15 times faster.

After editing, the video frame rate has been slowed down considerably.



Focusing on contrast: Here is a frame taken from a time-lapse video. The frame captures the still and the moving (me). The effects are very engaging, seeing my fragmented movements at various stages of the lapse is something else!

Zushi 3 (2017)

And finally, zooming in on a particular area of the above frame which captures movement and the interval and passage of time.  Zushi 3.1 (2017)

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