Disruptive Technologies: Self-reflexivity & Black & White Aesthetics

As I’ve been experimenting with colour vs black and white recently, it made me consider self-reflexivity in the filmaking process. Not that my project exclusively relates to this subject matter though it did get me thinking about the aesthetics of black and white and colour in film in more depth.

A reflexive film is a film that makes the audience aware of the filmaking process.Reflexivity is defined by such devices as looking into the camera, taking advantage of two-dimensionality of the screen, or simply making a film about making a film. In other words: A reflexive film is a film with self-awareness.


Here, five motion tween sequences in black and white have been assembled including audio. Initially I was surprised by the multitude of grey gradients creating a softer resolution. The positive spaces are more emphasized in black and white.

A grainier version


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