The Expanded City Group Exhibition (London 2017)

A few weeks ago Jonathan posted us information regarding a group exhibition, The Expanded City in London which focuses on living in cities. As my current project fits the brief, I thought it might be worth my while submitting work which will also be shown later this year at the summer show. Also, I’ve submitted an animation, Alienation & Conformity (2015) which didn’t get the airing it deserved at the time of completion as I had to leave the MA course for personal reasons. Now everything has been sent off so two animations are being considered for curation.


The Expanded City is a group exhibition collaboratively curated by Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society and the UAL Curation Society, featuring works from students across London universities.

This exhibition will explore the ways that life in London is organised and influenced by structures of capitalism. How do we, as cultural producers, shape the space we live in, and how are we shaped by it? Although published more than a century ago, the depiction of city life and its impact on the individual depicted by George Simmel in his text The Metropolis and Mental Life remains relevant. Those who live in the city are familiar with the profound alienation and anxiety engendered by a constant sensory barrage. The individuals living under total capitalism are denied the ability to change the social and economic structures that shape their lives. Life has been flattened: nothing now can be imagined without its presupposed monetary value.
The reach of the city has become ever wider. Accelerating developments in technology and communication have resulted in the spread of cosmopolitan values through mass media. The city has expanded beyond the physical, and into the transcendent connective platform of the digital, bringing together people in an unprecedented scale.
The density of the metropolis has facilitated spontaneous cultural collaborations, projects and ideas. With this countercultures demand and produce autonomy over their work. The city as a centre of production in turn attracts more producers. However the resilience of the market-economy has absorbed the aesthetic strategies: the search for authenticity and self-management are now used to promote the conditions required by the current model of neoliberalism. How do artists react to the conditions of the contemporary expanded city with its effects, infringements, and limits that affect the experiences of mental life?
The Expanded City envisions an invisible and vital part of the city (and the mental life) and the impact it has on cultural producers. This compounding of sensory information and the subsequent anxieties it draws on, will provide the opportunity for students and members of the public to collectively resist the solitude felt within the city.


Disruptive Technologies (motion tween animation complete, 2017)


Artists are invited to submit a PDF (no more than 15 MB) containing:
– Contact details, including place and course of study
– An artist’s statement (maximum 200 words)
– Up to 6 images of works to be considered
– Up to 300 words explaining how your work relates to the concept of the expanded city
Submissions will be accepted until the 23rd of March (midnight) sent to
Our aim is to promote London based students and to give them a platform in which they can share their own original ideas and contribute to a wider artistic discourse. We encourage the use of different media in order to open the field to experimentation at various levels.

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