February 2017 Activity Summary

The low residency week and my Research Discussion presentation in the studio were notable highlights in an eventful, action-packed February. (such as drama queen!)

Framing February

In terms of drawing and animating, the project is now finalized. It’s now all about curation. Between 6-8 selected  frames will be exhibited as sequential narratives. Also, the selected frames  will give the viewer some idea into the mechanics of this painstaking but enjoyable process. However, with the original edited rotoscope animation and motion tween animation combined, I’ve got about 2000 frames in total! Well, in the Art & Fear book, it did say to make art in great quantity. Anyway, over the past week I have been busy framing. I bought four 12 x 12 wooden box frames (one inch thick) with the intention of customizing them in relation to the narratives woven into the project. Here, sliced up vintage Beano comics and Penguin books have been lightly glued to the frames. Then, varnish has been applied and dried over night. I was pleased with the results, especially how the gloss gleams like a wet surface and has darkened the covering paper too. Finally,  the front of the frame has been taped with Unibond, extra strong, fabric-layered, black power tape. A few selected frames will arrive by the end of the week. If the frames pass quality control, then I can sort out the sticky labels.


The Tate Britain featuring Pete Mansell

During the month I finally got round to meeting Pete. When I say, ‘finally’, I mean due to the nature of the MA course, we have only corresponded by email, phone and Skype discussions so it was great to meet him in the physical. We met in a busy Tate Britain during the low residency week. It was lovely to engage in chat about Art and our lives. Also, Pete gave me a few welcomed tips about presenting for the summer show. I hope there will be another encounter in the near future.




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