Disruptive Technologies: SMS Alerts (test)/Soundscape Notes

Using  sound bites such as short message service alert sounds combined with the fragmented visuals (also know as motion tweens), have shaped the animated film to how it will presented at the exhibition. Black and white or colour?


Below are gathered sound bites which will be used for the soundscape:


RECORDED (by myself)

Shinjuku train station automated voice (Tokyo)

Takadanobaba train station automated voice (Tokyo)

Village Vanguard store (Tokyo)

Heathrow automated jingle

London Underground automated voice

Victoria Station automated voice

Sainsbury’s self-service check-out automated voice

Police siren (Peckham Rd)


Narita Airport announcement

“Stand Well Clear” (London Underground automated voice)


Phone dial

East Croydon train station automated voice

SMS Alert (x5)

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