Research Discussion Reflections

It was nice meeting the Year 2 London-based students (eight students) last week in the studio for the first time. There were three research discussions that morning (09-02-17); I kicked-off proceedings. As I was facilitating the discussion, I planned on the following agenda:

Persuasive still imagery: Advertisements  

Masahiro Mori: Uncanny Valley Hypothesis

Transforming and re-purposing artwork: Ashleigh Nankivell, Helping Johnny Remember  

Future Project direction

On reflection, the video greatly assisted the discussion as it meant that my recorded, rehearsed voice could explain, inform and articulate areas of the project with more clarity. Well, even that’s questionable! Although the framework was fairly clear, I would imagine the link between the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions might have been confusing. The problem here is that over the past year, my project aims and objectives have changed considerably. So, before viewing a few experiments, for example, this had to be clarified as not to confuse.

The still imagery was simply a way of engaging the audience into the topic, get the ball rolling in terms of comment. Well, it did to some degree, though on reflection, I probably didn’t need begin with pictorial persuasive advertisements. It did kind of opened the door into the subject matter though it might have been a better idea just to go over the various types of public information films as in my Research Paper. The Uncanny  Valley discussion generated the most interest discussion wise. I anticipated speculation over whether the Uncanny Valley theory and the Charlie Says series largely or if not at all relate. Questions did not arise though I clarified anyway.

On the whole, I would say the discussion ran fairly smoothly. I was grateful for Jonathan’s timely assists. Bringing in particular images or clips of film in question so that the discussion ran smoothly.  My talk seemed to drift and fragment towards the end, maybe as I rambled on a bit too much in an attempt inform as to where this project was heading. Probably a bad move. Overall, judging by feedback and comments raised by the group, I was encouraged though deep down, I don’t really think that this topic was their cup of tea.

rye-2011Rye (2011)




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