Curating Sequential Narratives

With exhibition thoughts forever in mind, earlier this week I was in pixels2canvas  having a consultation and getting invaluable advice with the shop manager about image, image quantity, image collage design, colouration, canvas sizes and thickness etc etc. Curating is now the heavy weight of this project. After considering sizes and prices, I opted for a 16 x 14 inch (1.5 inch depth), single image to begin with.

Disruptive Technologies (2017):  Sequence Three, Frame 96 (motion tween)



The shop was full of canvases of all shapes and sizes though a large pop art-inspired image really caught my eye. The same image, multiplied by four with only background colours were transformed. Scale plays such a big role in the dynamic of artwork, I thought as I analysed the piece of work. Here, I’m looking at doing something similar but with different images (frames 59-62 from the animation). The images are not quite dissimilar, bearing in mind the viewer is looking at 1/3 of a second when played continuously. I wasn’t pleased by the flatness of the drawing so I’ve more texture on the original. By contrast, now I’ve got something darker, grubbier and more brooding.

Disruptive Technologies: Sequence 2, Frames 59-62 (editing data: neon glow(overlay), texture (miscellaneous, multiply).


Experimenting with various textures though I’m fairly sure that the exhibited images will be using one texture. Editing data: Textures F59 miscellaneous, F60 grunge, F61 grunge&miscellaneous, F62 grunge, nature & miscellaneous



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