Composing Soundscapes

In my last tutorial with Jonathan, we discussed the points I should work on from my Unit One appraisal. One area which took the majority of our discussion is the sound aspect of the project. A voice-over had been planned but now shelved. From the Unit One appraisal it was mentioned that recording my own material as opposed to collecting pre-recorded sound bites from, would add more originality to my work. True. Also, Jonathan suggested that I explore the sound element of the project more lucidly and possibly consider creating a soundscape comprising of sounds from England and Japan. I initially thought that the mix of environments sounded interesting. So, over the past two, three months I’ve been out in the field collecting sound. The material that follows are my own recordings bar the sound montages which is basically an assortment of sounds (from montaged.

So far, most of the recordings are from public urban environments such as train stations and airports. Here, I’m largely focusing on recording automated voices in English and Japanese.


Takadanobaba Station

Shinjuku Station

Village Vanguard Store (Shimo Kitazawa, Tokyo)



London Underground

Victoria Station (1)

Victoria Station (2)


SOUND MONTAGES (collected audio from then montaged in Audacity)

Montage (1)

Montage (2)


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