December 2016 Activity Summary

Project wise, not very much to report this month. As the year winds down, family and work matters take more prominence which is expected. However, I’ve managed to do more ambient sound recordings in the past few weeks. Presently, I’m visualizing a soundscape which begins in Tokyo and ends in London. Recordings from the subway in Tokyo, taking off from Haneda airport to boarding trains on the London Underground are just a few examples.

I’ve also been considering frames from the Disruptive Technologies animation will be shown at the MA exhibition in Camberwell next July. Selected frames are from the 11 sequences; a frame per sequence is planned. Whilst how I will audience the frames is undecided, though an accompanying sequential narrative might provide a more alluring dynamic for the project. I’m imagining some kind of theatrically arranged stills which would inform the audience more in the way of the process of the project. Selected frames:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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2 Responses to December 2016 Activity Summary

  1. anomiepete says:

    Good wishes for 2017 Jason 🙂


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