November 2016 Activity Summary

Ok, a quick summary, the highlights: The Rietveld exhibition, tutorial with JK, a bit of cyclogeography around Miyadera in Saitama, going out into field with Tascam DR-05 recording largely urban sounds and the most historical highlight, exhibiting at the RAUM Gallery in London.

Now for something that might interest you.

The following recording was made a few months ago (late September?), just round the corner from my apartment. You can hear the cicadas in full cry combining with a busy nearby highway. An extract from the book, Art & Fear, fueled the following experiment. The extract as follows: ‘In a darkened theatre the man in the tuxedo waves his hand and a pigeon appears. We call it magic. In a sunlit studio a painter waves her hand and a whole world takes form. We call it art. Sometimes the difference isn’t all that clear. Imagine you’ve just attended an exhibition and seen work that’s powerful and coherent, work that has range and a purpose. The Artist’s Statement framed near the door is clear: these works materialized exactly as the artist conceived them. The work is inevitable. But wait a minute – your work doesn’t feel inevitable (you think), so you begin to wonder: maybe making art requires some special or even magic ingredient that you don’t have.’

Spurred on by these prose, while drawing an old disused farmhouse in Miyadera last week, during the drawing process, I took a photograph every now and again intent on capturing that magical ingredient unfolding. When completed and now the magic has reached the end of its journey. The next stage of the magical process begins. Though it doesn’t have to, I’m just pushing the art making a little further. I could potentially wreck the magic, it’s happened many times before…a good artist knows when to stop or so they say . I’m relentless now as I have future plans for this artwork. My intention, I’d like my audience to hear this work and if the twisting and turning wooden shapes I drew wasn’t enough, then I’ll accentuate those forms, exaggerate it, just to see what comes out in the wash.

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