RAUM Gallery, London Pop-up Show November, 2016

This week marked an historic occasion for me. It was the first time I’ve exhibited artwork in almost 20 years. A big ‘thank you’ to friend and MA Fine Digital course participant, Terry Quinn who kindly curated a selection of rotoscope animations for me at the RAUM Gallery in London. Currently working in Saitama, Japan, I was just content to visualize and imagine the scene. However, Terry posted me a few snaps and a video of the show this week. Seriously, it was like giving a blind person vision!



A bit about the RAUM Gallery by Jane Cuppage , May 2016

RAUM Gallery is an artist run project space that collaborates with students and emerging artists to provide an area of exchange inside the realms of the University of the Arts environment. RAUM – (the German word for space), is described by Martin Heidegger as a “happening, a taking place”. In Building Dwelling Thinking, Heidegger states that, “only something that is itself a location can make space for a site. The location is not already there before the bridge is. Therefore, a space is something that has been spaced, or made room for.”

RAUM Gallery attempts to challenge these happenings and make us think about space by allowing a constant changing programme of exhibitions, experimental projects and performance events to take place. Its uniqueness is described by its small scale and unusual form. It enables us to think of space as an event of exchange, an occurrence of social importance that encourages dialogue between students, staff and artworks.

Until now we have managed to do several exhibitions achieving its goal of creating dialogue between students from different colleges across UAL. In early May RAUM Gallery invited a selection of students from Foundation Diploma in Art and Design to exhibit pieces from their final show. A prize was awarded to Foundation student Madeline Robinson from the painting pathway.

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