October 2016 Activity Summary

My inner voice keeps telling me to make a note of thoughts and things during the month. It would prevent the process of having to wrack that aging, rusty brain come the end of the month, like now. A leopard can’t cha….…………

Skype sessions: 2

The Skype sessions have been very engaging. A few weeks ago we discussed the issue of paying artists . I had always presumed artists paying the gallery was the status quo. However, due to the number of dwindling British artists exhibiting these days, organisations are now making more impact in financial assistance for artists. This month (Oct 12), a-n and AIR offered guidance for artists who exhibit in publicly funded galleries. This sounds all very encouraging. I’ll be looking into this in in the near future, that’s for sure. The other chat was about a book- Art & Fear by David Bayles Ted Orland  which I’m currently reading now. The following are a few notable extracts that have made me consider about my own practice:

Art & Fear (David Bayles and Ted Orland, 2001).jpg

Pretending: ‘It’s easy to imagine that real artists know what they’re doing, and they-unlike you-are entitled to feel good about themselves and their art. Fear that you are not a real artist causes you to undervalue your work.’  

Perfection: ‘Ansel Adams, never one to mistake precision for perfection, often recalled the old adage that “the perfect is the enemy of the good”, his point being that if he waited for everything in the scene to be exactly right, he’d probably never make a photograph’




Word Has It Expo (2016).JPG

Just the one. Word Has It by Rob Judges at the UltraSuperNew gallery in Harajuku, a downtown trendy area of Tokyo. Actually, as I got to have a quick word with Rob at the exhibition, time permitting, I’d like to follow-up and write my own piece on his this expo with a brief overview of his work but for now, here’s the following from his website:

Rob Judges was born in Toronto, Canada and has been producing drawings, collages, paintings and videos in Tokyo, Japan since 2005.  A graduate of the University of Toronto in Fine Arts and Semiotics in 1997, Judges has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo at The Blank Gallery, Uplink Gallery, Kabutoya Gallery, Flasher’s Gallery and has been in numerous group shows both in Japan and abroad.

His upcoming solo exhibition at UltraSuperNew in Harajuku, “Word Has It”, explores language and the potential for words as objects in a series of equilateral, modular paintings, executed with ink, acrylic and spray paint on wood. Judges’ video work draws inspiration from pop music videos and experimental films alike, and reflects his intrinsic connection to music. He has held a career-long side-job as a deejay of “Dance Party Music”.



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