Experimentation-Adobe After Effects: Pop Shapes & Exploding Electric

When reading back through an old blog post the other day, it mentioned something about experimenting with unfamiliar software and not to stick in the safe zone. Well, I’ve been using Adobe Premier though panning and zooming is hardly pushing the boat so yesterday I experimented with Adobe After Effects for the first time. I managed to find a few follow-friendly tutorials on animated pop circles and simulating electricity . After following the tutorials to the tee, below are the end results:

Pop Circles (tutorial)

Electric Effect (tutorial)


So, objective achieved but I’m only following a process in a tutorial. The animated pop circles reminded me of similarities in Norman McLaren ‘s work such as Dots (1940)   and Synchromy (1971).  So, using the tutorials as a template, I began modifying the animations. Theatrically merging alternative shapes, opting for pop-art colors, fading in and out. Adjusting key frame times for smoother or rapid movements. It’s interesting how the amount of negative space makes such an impact visually in both animations.  For sound (Pop shapes),  I experimented with water drips. From freesound.org, I found the following:

Inside an abandoned lead mine: A stereo field-recording of water dripping on to standing water in a partially flooded mine.Sony PCM-M10. In Audacity, I amplified then used delayed and phaser effects. Overall, this sound makes a big impact to the visuals, darkening the mood.

 Pop Shapes


Electricity Shock Sound Effect – electric spark from a Youtube sound effects video


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