Adobe Premiere: Panning & Zooming

Today I’ve been experimenting with current project animated clips in Adobe Premiere. Entirely panning and zooming. Though the panning and zooming wasn’t anything spectacular to note, I was moderately successful in navigating my way around an unfamiliar  interface and was able to achieve my objectives.

Sequence 6


Sequence 7


Sequence 8

For this sequence, I was more intent to zoom in and capture movement in a particular area of interest. By zooming in so far, the animated characteristics dramatically alter. The sequence now becomes much more intensive than the original.


Sequence 8 (extended)

Here, I’ve added pixelation effect with cyan tone. Doesn’t really do anything for me though when the zooming in and enlarging the pixels, the visuals remind me of the effect used for Yul Brynner’s robotic vision in Michael Crichton’s classic, sci-fi film Westworld.






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