Digital Human: Series One

As an alternative to reading, generally contextual information for my practice,  to break that cycle, I often switch to listening to podcasts on the BBC i-Player Radio. When I’m not in the UK, like now, I can only listen to podcasts which are ‘available now’ unless I install a virtual network address on my pc. But I don’t. One, I can’t be bothered and two, it might bugger up my pc. Anyway, I came across this interesting series presented by Aleks Krotoski.

Aleks Krotoski

Aleks Krotoski explores the digital world in the series Digital Human

The series might be four years old but I feel the information is still very relevant now and gets you thinking more.


Episode 1     Capture

Episode 2     Control

Episode 3     Conceal

Episode 4    Conviction

Episode 5   Crush

Episode 6  Crowded

Episode 7  Chance





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