Rotoscoping: Linear Alterations, Before & After

Here, I’ve been experimenting with the effects in Windows Movie Maker Live. The objective is to radically alter linear movement and brush strokes. Usually, after the drawing process when rotoscoping, I import the files into a photo editor and texture each frame. This can be quite time-consuming especially when you’ve got between 200-300 drawings to manipulate!

For this methodology, the first animation (before) has the following effects: posterized,  threshold and a black & white with red filter. The outcome at this stage of the process doesn’t appear very spectacular and the film  pretty much remains similar to its original version. The same film is then imported again into WMM. Again, using threshold then tweaking the brightness. The outcome alters quite dramatically, I’m able to contrive a scratchier, sketchier linear movement.






2 Replies to “Rotoscoping: Linear Alterations, Before & After”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Pete. It’s probably down to familiarity which is why you preferred ‘before’ as opposed to ‘after’. I’ve been rotoscoping the same way over the past four years. I’m searching for a refreshing change with my drawing technique.


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