Evan Baden-Technically Intimate

Chicago-based photographer, Even Baden’s photographic series, ‘Technically Intimate’ explores an issue, sexting which is briefly documented in my latest project. Baden’s series of photographs, explores adolescent sexting. Incidentally, the word ‘sexting’ became a word in its own right and entered the dictionary in 2012.

For the process, he uses  models to recreate scenes in adolescent environments  from intimate photos found online.I find the images startlingly graphic. They really make us consider the issues that surround privacy today. The word in the title ‘intimate’ has to be a contradiction though. These shared intimate photos between people may begin as private. However, will remain in the domain of social media where intimacy and privacy is pretty much non-existent. Claire Lontis from Base Magazine adds further comment:

Starting the body of work in 2008, Baden’s premise is this; to observe and display how “the Internet was changing how youth culture viewed sex, intimacy, and privacy”. It is not uncommon to have, among a circle of friends, a few who have been made a fool of after an intimate self-taken photo intended for their significant other has been circulated once the relationship turned sour. Baden stumbled across websites which paid for such photos. “I began to find many sites that trafficked in sexually charged and explicit images that had been taken by young women and sent to a second person, most presumably a boyfriend. These images then somehow ended up on the Internet for the world to see. And what’s more, the images seem to move from one site to the next, spreading like a virus across the web”.



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