Collage Graphic Interchange Formats (part 1)

As I’ve almost finished rendering and editing the 11 sequences, recently, I’ve been considering aspects such as scale, shape and animation millisecond speed.  By creating graphic interchange formats, commonly known as gifs, the visual appearance changes dramatically, especially with circular screens. Also, I’ve learned that animated sequences which involve rapid movement, suit more millisecond speed as opposed to sequences with less movement. (note: the higher the millisecond speed, the slower the movement). The visual appearance intensifies when collaged, though grouped imagery appearing too theatrical would be a concern as it would conflict with the persuasive message carried in the narration. Anyway, on a cheerful note, my daughter seems over the moon in her animated state….naturally!


Fig 1: Sequences 1, 2 & 3


Fig: 2 Sequences 1, 2 & 3



Fig: 3 Sequence 4

S4S4Imgflip 15 millisecondswww.GIFCreator.me_GSyKux



Fig: 4 Sequence 4









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