Public Information Film Project: Sequence No 8

Inspired by an American PSA,   Helping Johnny Remember   by Brooklyn artist, Ashleigh Nankivelle, Sequence 8 involves liquifying the image during the editing process. Nankivelle dramatically distorts features to add eeriness in narrative. Liquify is just one of the many tools used in the photo editing software. The effect distresses and distorts features. The results being quite comical in cases.

Frame 270 (i) Here, I’m considering brush size in liquify. Fig 1-with a smaller brush size, I’m able to create a more fluid-looking and watery image. Fig 2 a larger brush size elongates the line. I prefer the larger brush as the distortion is subtle.

Frame 270

Fig 1  

Frame 270 (ii)

Fig 2 


SEQUENCE 8: Frame 270

270   31 Frame 270.jpg

Unedited & Edited: Resize,Liquify,Weaver (i) dots size 10 (ii) highlight, Focal Zoom (i) darken

Sequence 8 Animated gif- The liquify effect isn’t so pronounced after the fully edited sequence. Gif animation speed set at 140 milliseconds.

Pif Project Sequence 8.gif


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