Ennio Morricone at The O2 arena, 16-02-16


Ennio Morricone Concert.jpg

                                                                                                           Poster Design: jpm 16

Over the years I’ve missed  trying to see the Italian musical maestro in concert so when I heard about a re-scheduled Ennio Morricone concert, without hesitation, I quickly snapped up a ticket. Bearing in mind, old Ennio, despite still going strong at 87 years old, if I missed my chance, I might not get another. On his 60th year of performing, he didn’t disappoint or short-change his audience. What a memorable performance!

Like many people in the audience of a certain age group, when the spaghetti western scores were performed, images of Sergio Leone films penetrated the mind.  Accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The performance of the evening for me, and probably for many others was set up superbly. Just before the interval, like a marksman loading his gun, the soprano unobtrusively enters the stage and takes her seat. The opening cords of the powerful and dramatic, Ecstasy of Gold begin and together with the soprano, Susanna Rigacci, they simply brought the house down. It seems I’m not alone with my comment, in similar adoration, Rob Hastings of The Independent, when reviewing Morricone at The O2 arena this time last year comments:

 Wooden crosses rush by, gravestones swirl, an outlaw’s eyes widen, grass blurs, dirt flies – that breathless final scene of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly as Tuco runs around a cemetery in search of buried treasure may not be playing on the screens beside the stage at the O2, but those images from Sergio Leone’s masterpiece are surely in the minds of everyone in the audience, as the arms of Ennio Morricone beseech the full orchestra before him to yield every last drop of spaghetti western magic from his tour de force, The Ecstasy of Gold.





























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