Public Information Film Project: Sequences Nos 6 & 7

Using the Weaver effect in Sequence 5 gave me more ideas and I was very encouraged to be more audacious with my approach. While considering designs for Sequence six, I thought about having multiple frames in various colours which would visually boost the rotating pencil movement. I experimented with a Pop Art effect and this is what came out in the wash. The multiple frames inspired me to do similar in Sequence 7. However, I’m unsure about adding the Peeling Paint effect, looks a bit muddy compared to other sequences. I may tweak that sequence at a later date. Presently, I’m well-into the drawing stage of Sequence 8. Also, I’ve began making narration notes this past week so I’ve been just loosely framing the social commentary.


19015 Frame 190

Unedited & Edited: Resize,Weaver (normal), Pop Art (i) Dots size 10 (ii) Images x3, Focal Zoom (darken x2) 



Unedited Frame 223Edited Frame 223

Unedited   & Edited: Resize,Weaver hardlight, (i)size boost, (i) shadow(multiply),Peel Paint, Focal Zoom, Rainbow 



Public Information Film Sequences 5-7

Each sequence is looped x 2



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