September 2015 Activity Summary

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Exhibitions: 1  The V& A Museum- London Design Weekend

Last week everyone was having tutorials with Gareth, the focus being on the Research Paper which is nearing deadline day. As I’m officially not on Year 2, I thought that I would be excluded from a tutorial but Jonathan has kindly allowed me to have an unofficial one. However, the date is still undecided and I’m getting a bit anxious . From reading others’ blog tutorial-related posts, I’m not the only one fretting and the blogs have given me food for thought. Initially, I thought the RP would be a fairly straight forward thing given the time and guidance we have been given. NO!

Over the past 60 years there hasn’t been a great deal written about British public information films (a bad excuse) especially in art theory books so most of my research and factual information have come from newspaper articles and Wikipedia. The context (horror) I have in abundance, and I have really been engaged reading about Eisenstein’s montage theories, Hitchcock’s ‘disguised cuts’, embodiment and performativity etc.  Then it’s a case of putting everything together so it reads clearly and logically. Easier said than done. After re-editing the whole thing time and time again, I’m now wondering if I’m doing more damage than enhancing the paper so I’ve left it alone for the time being.

I didn’t manage to make it to Dismaland in the end. Apparently, nor did thousands of other ticketless people. Can’t believe how popular the exhibition was. Surely Dismaland (artistic sarcasm) will be staged again in the future and no doubt in secrecy.

My practice, Public Information Film, which relates with my RP, is up to around 10 seconds (35 in total). To enhance the visuals, I’ve been looking at at animated patterns, notably the work of Len Lye and Norman McLaren. Here’s a collage of sequence 2, 2 seconds, 24 drawings in total. Click on image for better viewing, as if you didn’t know!


Sequence 2 Collage.jpg


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