British Public Information Film: Fatal Floor (1974)

Apparently, this rather comical public information film reduced slippery rug accidents by 50% in 1974. Was this a big problem in the 1970s? I always thought you had to be quite well-off to have a polished floor in your interior. After a bit of research, the eye-catching statistic is this, in 2004 (a bit dated but nevertheless) The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents reported that the number of casualties involving accidents on polished floorboards and parquet floors had risen by staggering 400%! From 2,900 in 1998 to 12,300 in 2003.

A 21st century remake had been suggested though I haven’t come across any. I did wonder if a remake would bear all the comical narrative hallmarks that made the 1970s film so memorable.  For example, easy listening background music, a Dr Who (Patrick Troughton?) narrator, a disobedient, terrifying object such as the man trap, a catchy ending line “and to think he’d only just come from the hospital” and the dramatic frozen ending still. It would be interesting to see how a contemporary public information film tackling this issue could be devised. Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) would obviously play the victim falling while playing a Google plus game and listening to One Direction on his tablet. Very cliché in terms of a suggested narrative but just a thought.

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