August 2015 Activity Summary

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Exhibitions: 2  Towards an alternative history of graphic design & Bridget Riley- The Curve Paintings 1961-2014 both at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill.

Books: The Shallows- Jonathan Carr

HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN: France & Italy & Monaco

A bit of a late post due to holidaying in the South of France. Anyway, better late than never. We visited some lovely places and saw countless breathtaking views during our 10 day stay in  Menton. Family holidays can always be a bit of a tricky one so there’s always bit of delicate compromising and negotiating going on generally during breakfast time. Sean and Moe are not so keen wandering around art galleries in such glorious weather (me too) so I tend to look for outdoor activities in the form of coastal walks, visiting medieval hilltop villages and sculpture parks. In the South of France and neighbouring Italy, you’re never going to be disappointed finding these kind of places. We returned on Friday. People say that what makes a holiday a holiday is ‘coming home’ On the contrary, for me, this is my blue period  as I never want to return. Yesterday I spent the afternoon going through all the photos and videos from our holiday. Methodology: First, I separate ‘family snaps’ from ‘snaps’ Then, I sort through the rest. As usual, I reject practically everything. From about 200 shots, I keep around 3 or 4 shots? After this deconstruction process, I feel clearer.

Princess Grace- Marcos Marin  (Roquebrune Cap Martin Park)

Roquebrune sits between Menton and Monaco. The cap (Roqubrune Cap Martin) offers a wonderful coastal path. Whilst on that coastal path, we veered off into a park. I noticed an interesting sculpture, Princess Grace by Marcos Marin ( Marin’s steel optical portraits offer sound aesthetic qualities too. I wondered whether sound was intentional in his working process. Here, I run my fingers against the portrait to produce a harplike sound.

Rather than post a few photographic stills of this piece, I thought an animation with harp audio would be more apt and visually more interesting. I paced 12 steps forward and 12 steps backwards, taking a shot each time. After uploading the images into Windows Movie Maker and adding a Celtic harp sound. Here’s what came out in the wash:







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