Helping Johnny Remember

Since researching public information films for my practice and Research Paper, I’ve tried to find artists that have used public information films in their practice. Apart from a few Dark and Lonely Water remixes on Youtube, I’ve not had much success. However, a heads-up from a good friend last week led me to an American artist from Brooklyn, Ashleigh Nankivell.  Her 2010 project involved manipulating an original American PSA (Public Service Announcement) from 1956, titled Helping Johnny Remember. The film is about a young boy who is rejected by the other children for being uncooperative and selfish. Nankivell’s process involved reanimating and remixing using Adobe After Effects CS4. The aptly soundtrack comes from Good Old Neon’s haunting/hypnotic One Never Says ‘Verbal’ When One Means ‘Oral’  Very creative, even if using original footage and soundtrack!

Helping Johnny Remember- Ashleigh  Nankivell 

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