Experimental Forms: Motion Tweens (2015)

in Inspired by experiments earlier this year from course peers – Yvonne Opalinski’s fragmented animation and Emily Skinner’s Vector Art, I began experimenting more with the various functions and tools in the software. I’ve been using the Abobe Creative Cloud software for my rotoscope animations. A few months before I started the MA course, I briefly experimented with motion tweens.  I was fascinated by the smooth floating line trajectories. In Motion Tween Orange Crush , there are similarities in shape,colour and line to Joan Miro’s work, especially Landscape (The Hare) 1928.  Vast landscape engulfed landscape-the-hare[2]in orange and red though my terrain is a sea of rapid, intertwined, linear movements. Motion Tween Icy Grey represents fragmented portraiture. Here, I’ve traced very minimally over a black & white photograph. Areas are then colour-filled, skin (white), hair (black), glasses (grey) and lips (red), using an icy blue stage background. I was curious to see how these would appear visually if both motion tweens  were merged. On first impression I thought all looked very musical (a Kandinsky abstract?). Still on a musical theme, I’ve punked it up a bit using a ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ pink as the stage background colour. I’m pleased with having such a productive afternoon (just for once!) and I hope from these experiments I will become a little more audacious in my practice for future projects. If you’re curious with my motion tween titles, it’s purely for referencing purposes.

Experimental Forms: Motion Tween Orange Crush (2015)  


Experimental Forms: Motion Tween Icy Grey (2015)  


Experimental Forms: Motion Tween Hot Pink & Orange (2015)  


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