Public Information Film Project: Storyboarding

Last weekend filming commenced on the public information film project. Moe, my daughter, will play quite a central part in the project. However, she was reluctant to be filmed. “My face is too spotty and it will not look cool” she said. So, after a little gentle persuasion (i.e. I’ll buy you that stylish, expensive top (£2.80) from Primark), filming got under away.

The theme of the information film is undecided at the time of writing though it will involve an everyday issue children/people face today such as bullying on the Internet. I intend to make the film more of a sound piece, the narrative being conveyed through the audio. I began by storyboarding the scene. Moe would be sitting at the dining table doing her homework. Like most children, when doing their homework, their mood is suggested in their actions.  I thought about the Britney Spear’s video, Baby One More Time (1998). A schoolgirl waiting for the classroom bell to relieve her boredom. The scene begins with action and sound; the shoe kicking against the side of the chair and the flickering pencil on the textbook. I’ve used the latter example in similar way. I considered other ways of ‘performing’ -balancing a pencil between top lip and nose, looking up and thinking, staring into the camera, looking down hand on brow in deep concentration, arms raised triumphantly etc.  Colour was an important consideration too. I wanted something that would predominate the visuals. I opted for a cold yet refreshing blue. Moe’s Italia 82 football top seemed the obvious choice. Now to the task of editing the footage in some sort of coherent order though I need to consider ‘how’ coherent.

Britney Spears, ‘Baby One More Time’ (1998) 

Britney Spears

Public Information Film Project








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