Translucency (2015)

Inspired by bottled ornamental translucent fish being sold in a department store in Tokyo last summer, I began working on a side-project titled, Translucency. Rob, a work colleague, who also happens to be a visual artist (well known in Tokyo) and DJ, modelled for me one afternoon in a university classroom. The concept was to represent the human image as a transparent image allowing the classroom environment to become visible. The viewer senses moving backgrounds/ translucent foregrounds. I opted for a hallucinogenicesque classroom. My rationale was based on literature, sartorialism and music. As follows: I think I had read an article about Timothy Leary around the same time and with Rob’s appearance and him being heavily into late 60s prog rock, it all seemed to tie in. However, over the past 11 months I have been way too busy on my course so had to shelve the 39 second (475 drawings) animation. Last month while waiting in Dubai airport for 9 hours I started tinkering with the animation again. So far 6.5 seconds (79 drawings).

Translucency Test 1 (6.5 seconds)

Frame 81

Translucency (frame 81)


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