Tutorial with Gareth Polmeer

Due to work commitments and unfortunate recent events back home, my studies have been taking a back seat in the past month so yesterday’s tutorial with Gareth, which turned out to be a very fruitful discussion has hopefully to kick started my practice and overall input on the course.  Our talk predominately focused on the Research Paper though at times went off at a tangent (like they do). It was good to hear someone else’s thoughts on my paper, get feedback and look at areas where I can plan concisely in order for the paper to have a clear focus. My future plans all sounded very straight forward in our discussion but as I stated in the tutorial, like the case of our Project Proposals, due to the nature of our practice and experiments, the goalposts tend to shift which means constant revising, updating and modifying. This has been the case for me in the past month; all the ingredients have been assembled, it just remains for me to propose a series of questions to answer in order to justify the argument(s) for the paper to carry any weight. Easier said than done!

The main points of our discussion as follows:

Public Information Film -Dark and Lonely Water (1973)

Dark and Lonely Water

*Use of Mise en Scene

* 70s Social attitudes/messages (children playing outdoors, the dangers of building sites in suburban areas)

* Eisenstein’s Five Methods of Montage

* Central Office of Information and a license to roam

Public Information Film- Charley Says Series (Strangers, 1973)

Charley Says-'Strangers'

*Communicating through animals

*Child relationships with animals

*Animation as a persuasive tool

* Cut Out animation

* Uncanny Valley

Public information Film- Sunday Lunch (2006)

Sunday Lunch

*Family & home  environments

*Extreme graphic violence as a deterrent

*Rise of gun culture



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