Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney (3)

Due to my work commitments here in Tokyo, my practice in the past month has practically stopped. No, it has stopped and unfortunately will continue to do so until the end of July. However, last Thursday after my tutorial with Jonathan, I felt fresh optimism. Even though I had not started the Research Paper, I felt I had gained a better sense of direction regarding the argument and questions I will ask in the paper. I was also concerned about the lack of information there is on British Public Information Films though Jonathan sent me a few links where I could research scholarly articles which so far has proved invaluable. On Tuesday, I may get the opportunity to present my initial ideas for the paper which should be interesting. After 3 hours of writing and researching this morning, I had enough and went off for a cycle ride in the sticky humidity to clear my head. Later this afternoon, I decided to get in touch with Mr Jeff Grant, the director of Lonely Water (1973), one of the Public Information Films which I’ll  be analysing in the paper. However, I couldn’t find his LinkedIn site which I found earlier last week. Bizarrely and quite by chance, I found his site on WordPress so I dropped him a message  on his ‘about’ page. It seems that I’m not the only one pestering him for questions on this film. Well, fingers crossed.

For younger viewers or those who don’t know about or remember this compact horror masterpiece, Dark and Lonely Water (1973) , that terrified British children (me included) in the 1970s, here it is:










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