May 2015 Activity Summary

Posts = 10

 Skype chats: 2


Digital Art- Rachel Greene

Shadow of a Mouse- Donald Crafton

 Notable interviews/films on Youtube:

  DLD15 – The Internet is not the Answer (Andrew Keen, Mike Butcher)

The Yellow House- Simon Bent (2007)

Modigliani- Mick Davis (2004)

It’s been a frantic past three weeks. Re work: the students are now more familiar with me and that’s always a relief, getting used to my teaching style takes time and patience but key for the course to run smoothly. The taxing part, I’ll begin writing their Mid-term reports this week, that’s 75 students, 150 words, 11,000 words total approx. Yea, Ouch! (I don’t mean to sound out, it’s just the Sunday afternoon feeling and the mountain that lies ahead)

Re: MA Course  In a productive way, you could say the third term has all but ended for me. I began Don’t Have Nightmares 0.2 a day after the Midpoint Presentations knowing that my input will cease by the end of May. I couldn’t be more right.  Already my mind is on the Research Paper Seminar and finding the time to write something clear and concise.






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