The Tokyo Underground: Emerging From The Underground Experiments

When filming inside trains coming out from the underground into the overground, the visual effects can be quite dramatic. Here, I am particularly interested in the contrast between the dark merging to light, as if being released from a subterranean world. The sequence is shot from the first carriage. I was fortunate to be able to film without being obstructed by train drivers or passengers (that does require being up at some unearthly hour!). The graphic shapes in the footage offered a lot for me to experiment with. I found that the edge detector effect (again) worked well, enhancing geometric and linear forms.


This afternoon I was experimenting with selected frames from the footage. By adding more contrast and colouring areas, frames appear much more expressive with translucent characteristics. Sometimes analysing areas of interest (fig 4) and enlarging that particular area.  Multiplying the image and colour application dramatically alters its original form; interchangeable to a screen print or textile design.

1 Edge Detector 1 2 Edge Dectector 4 3 Edge Dectector 3.jpg 4 Edge Dectector



Emerging From The Underground using threshold effect with crackling cicada sound bite.





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