March 2015 Activity Summary

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The end of an action-packed month. I was very relieved at the end of Presentation Day. Did I feel disappointed at the end of that day? Not really, I achieved more than I thought I could have done. I would have liked a more polished article as opposed to a rushed put-together piece of work. Also, animating is VERY time-consuming, sometimes I feel this aspect goes unnoticed and is taken for granted, rant, rant, rant,rant. Ok, stop! Calm down..and carry on. Ermm well, it was a pity that I dipped productively in December and so frustrating viewing others’ blogs just seemed to be motoring on. However, on a positive note, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the work of the other course participants, giving critiques and having others giving their ‘twopence’ worth on me has been invaluable for my practice. Next time I hope others give me more brutality and point out areas I should consider more, pleasantries are uplifting yet of not much benefit. For the next project I will try to experiment more AND critically think about ‘how’ and ‘why’ I’m adopting a particular technique/method. On a closing note about my last project the animation Don’t Have Nightmares 0.1, it has been put to one side for the time being though Jonny (sound engineer) and I have been experimenting with sounds. I thought that collaborating with someone in another country would be troublesome, but it’s working out.

Recently, I’ve been laying the foundations for my new project Don’t Have Nightmares 0.2 featuring The Tokyo Underground. Going through my notes and current material, there is so much information, it’s already becoming a headache where to start and what to do first. Last weekend I was analysing material which I’ve been gathering since last autumn. Mainly footage of train passengers, Tokyo shop fronts and a few drawings. Below is my most recent train passenger drawing titled, ‘A Night to Forget’ From this visual evidence, The Underground is not so chaotic as people believe!

A Night To Forget (2014).jpg

A Night to Forget (2014)








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