Post-Midpoint Presentation: Thoughts and Spotlight on Me

Today was an opportunity for us (course participants) to show how our work has been progressing since September. I especially liked how the presentation was set up. For example, while your work is shown, everyone apart from the presenter gives their thoughts and views. Also, it was interesting observing other course participant’s work. To be honest, I only know ‘vaguely’ what most course participants (mainly online crew) are up to. I don’t want to sound dismissive of studio-based students, I just don’t have the time to ‘follow’ everyone’s blog. I’m looking forward to checking out the morning presentations from the Skype transcript.

It was absorbing hearing and reading opinions about my work  from everyone else. For me, pitching in and giving constructive criticism can only benefit me. I am able to take considerations on board which will help me develop my practice. One area I will definitely change, I will record myself speaking. Having viewers read my text was a bad idea. I may even consider subtitles, then I can reach a wider audience.

Views from ‘The Panel’

Pete Mansell:  “Don’t have nightmares” was more interesting than the psycho scenes because it is an unknown story to me and the fusing of people in the imagery kept up a visual interest.

Yvonne Opalinski: Sound takes the imagery further, adds dimension and contributes to the understanding of the work in that sound produces discomfort

Sarah Robinson: The extreme changes of visual pace and audio pitches, along with the composition within the editing, illustrated the theme of horror and suspense beyond that of the actual imagery.

Pascale Lemelin: the effect of fear is there, there is a sense of anticipation that never goes

Yvonne Opalinski: Synthespians – like the terminology.  Also, the idea of the subway and the faces at the end – somehow within the context of the previous images, there is a lot of material there

Rhiannon Evans: I follow what Donald says (Donald mentioned that the animation did not evoke fear- I agree, Donald but consider, is it a finished piece of work? No, far from it) being frightened but the fear in the original is from a threat outside the shower which can’t be seen and is imagined, not the shower itself, but the shower with the sound here is unpleasant and ‘electric” but not for the same reason in the same way.

Pascale Lemelin: the lines of the water feel like they would hurt

Rhiannon Evans: they are sharp and lacerating…tingling…

Pascale Lemelin: I guess what I preferred was the two figures overlapping, visually they are stunning

Yvonne Opalinski: With respect to Trystan’s comments, Jason could very well “personalize” the work along the Hitchcock mode by delving deeper into the Japanese subway commute.  It’s right there to alter and explore

Peter Mansell: that’s what I liked, Pascale

Rhiannon Evans: I found the man crouching in the square sinister, voyeur!

Peter Mansell: yep, the Japan tube has a lot of potential, especially because I don’t know it

Jason Murray: Thank you for your feedback

Don't Have Nightmares 0.1 (frame 221 sepia).jpg

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