Tutorial with Dave Charlesworth

Yesterday I had a tutorial with Dave Charlesworth. To begin with, I showed him a rotoscope animations I had made prior to the course. Rotoscope Animations (2014) ,   I hoped that would give him some indication as to how I wanted to explore this area (i.e. animating iconic imagery and remixing, sampling and altering identity etc). Then, I presented current work  Sparky Shower /  Maquette No 1 (Part 3)   and talked about where I would like to take it what I would like to achieve with my project. Again, I found it difficult to articulate my thoughts clearly and concisely and as a result, I could hear myself going off on a tangent. However, Dave was very encouraging (and probably sympathetic!) throughout the tutorial. After giving me some food for thought, he brought me to the attention of the French artist Pierre Huyghe. Pierre Huyghe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  An artist that has also used aspects of popular culture in his work. We talked about the conceptual approach behind his work. The point Dave was making here- give more considerations into where you are taking the viewer or what spectatorial pleasures (if any)/ statements you are or you want to give out.

On reflection, I was very encouraged after the tutorial. I have realised that I need to broaden my horizons as opposed to staying in the comfort zone and continue to experiment and try not to think that EVERYTHING I do needs an objective and reason (i.e. chill out, relax a bit, have fun) Regarding Don’t Have Nightmares, I will call it a finished mini project within a larger project, though not a failed project. I will continue to use rotoscoping as my main medium as I have other projects I’d like to work on.

And finally, it was nice meeting a few bods I’d not met on the course, Pascale, Rhiannon, Ali, and Hermet etc and it was refreshing listening to their thoughts and ideas. I’ve realized in the past few months that this course has been very challenging and taxing especially for me. Fortunately, I am in the company of a very talented group of individuals. Though at times I really do feel like a fish out of water.

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One Response to Tutorial with Dave Charlesworth

  1. anomiepete says:

    “chill out, relax a bit, have fun” agreed.


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