UWE: Sound Projects (1995)

Since the sound workshops earlier this year, I’ve been experimenting a lot with sound as I feel the medium will feature prominently in my project. Yesterday, I edited the sound play, Torment was made in the Media Centre at The University of the West of England, (Bower Ashton, Bristol ) in 1995. The sound play has links to my current project, both are psychological pieces of work. Also, they both use original copyrighted material which has been mashedup or remixed from it’s original state.

Sound Play: Torment, 1995 (Remixed 2015)

Using a Morantz recorder, the narrative is made up of varied ambient sound from the Bristol area, iconic film sound bites and homemade sound effects recorded in a studio. The aim was to convey mental torment as someone is preparing to take their own life.  The recording has a linear quality keeping the listener informed without ambiguity. However, as the background ding becomes louder, the narrative loses its representational quality and takes on its own journey. This is an area of my project that is constantly on my mind and how. A psychological piece of work involves playing on the mind of the viewer. However, my considerations are how much and what should I leave open to interpretation?



Social Documentary Sound Project: Bingo!, 1995 (Remixed, 2015)









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